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Top 10 Best Characters Best Damage Healing & Support Heroes Injustice 2 Mobile Game iOS/Android

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In this video I cover my top 10 Injustice 2 characters (Post Update 1.3) & their gear. I review the best damage dealing dps heroes, healing tank heroes, and team support heroes.

#10 – 0:24 – Last Laugh Joker – Heavy DPS character for specific Normal/Heroic campaign missions which allows you to grind quickly using the Killing Joker passive ability. Additionally, he has damage over time on Laughing gas ability.
#9 – 2:30 – Catwoman – passive ability Cat Burglar allows you to get more / bonus credits in operations. Additionally her Slash ability does DOT.
#8 – 3:30 – Master Thief Catwoman – Steal Power passive ability allows for up to 12% more credits and gear chance in operations mode. special 1 does DOT. Additionally, she is easy to get hero shards for by completing operations.
#7 – 5:00 – Primal Swamp Thing – passive Force Of Nature – Allows you to simulate / SIM campaign battles as he does not die on his first death.
#6 – 7:35 – Legendary Arkham Knight Batman – highest threat level but gets overpowered. still high dps so made the list. tech class so can be countered.
#5 – 11:20 – Blademaster Robin – creates huge combos to do massive damage when using abilities because of his Perfect Son passive.
#4 – 13:45 – Predator Batman – Batwing Airstrike passive ability deals 10% damage on each tag-in. Additionally he has a good threat level to deal heavy damage and can also stun lock enemies.
#3 – 16:11 – Marksman Deadshot – passive Sniper ability allows Lethal hits. Highest DPS / damage on special in Injustice 2
#2 – 18:18 – Soulstealer Doctor Fate – healer/support hero. Heals team on Break of Life ability as well as swapping health with opponent upon supermove / ultimate move.
#1 – 21:58 – Emerald Green Lantern – best damage dealer on all attacks as well as being able to survive with large health and healing. Buff team upon tag-in. Huge threat level. Arcane class – uncounterable. easy to obtain through heroic campaign mode. will power ability does massive damage as well as mitigating damage. fast 10 combo.
27:00 – Arena Mode Emerald Green Lantern – showing Will Power ability.

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In most videos I
– The Arkham Knight, Promotion level 10/X with fully evolved Promethium Longsword , Mutated Bone Spikes, & Custom Rifle – 50% critical hit chance, 250% critical hit damage, 77k damage, 168k health.
– Killer Frost, Promotion level 9/IX with fully evolved Fourth World Godly Chest Plate, Helmet, and Mace – 1% critical hit chance, 150% critical hit damage, 398k damage, 104k health.
– Raven, Promotion level 7/VII with fully eveolved LexCorp Chest Armor V2, Gauntlets V2, & Helmet V2 – 0% critical hit chance, 150% critical hit damage, 41k damage, 72k health.
Custom Rifle (The Arkham Knight)
Promethium Longsword (Deathstroke)
Powered Eskrima Sticks
Soultaker Sword
Flashpoint Deathstroke
Flashpoint Batman
Arkham Origins Batman
Killing Joke Joker
Regime Superman
Apokolips Darkseid
Mortal Kombat Scorpion
Containment Doomsday
Blackest Night Martian Manhunter
Rebirth Jessica Cruz
Ame-Comi Catwoman
600 Wonder Woman
Earth 2 Solomon Grundy
Martian Manhunter
Rebirth Raven
Justice League Wonder Woman
Red Lantern Hal Jordan
Elseworld The Flash
Regime Raven
Regime Aquaman
Blackest Night Batman
Luchador Bane
Containment Doomsday
Apokolips Darkseid
John Stewart Green Lantern
Blackest Night Hawkgirl
Mortal Kombat X Scorpion
Mortal Kombat Scorpion
Teen Titans Raven
Regime Killer Frost
Antimatter Sinestro
Godfall Superman
Boss Solomon Grundy
Kahndaq Black Adam

Top 10 Best Characters! Best Damage, Healing & Support Heroes – Injustice 2 Mobile Game iOS/Android!
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