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14 Feb

Redeeming FREE XBOX LIVE CODES ONLINE… Does It Actually Work

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Have you ever tried any of those free Xbox Live code generators online? Have they worked for you? I decided to try some out and see if I could get free Xbox Live or Microsoft points!

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Music by Joakim Karud

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05 Jan

Free Overwatch Overwatch Skins 2017 How to Get Overwatch License Key for free100% work

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Free Overwatch/ Overwatch Skins 2017/ How to Get Overwatch License Key for free[100% work]

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15 Dec

HOW TO HACK IN APP PURCHASES OF INJUSTICE still work in 2.16 IOS {Jailbroken}

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My videos are all about INJUSTICE GOD AMONG US
YES MY DEVICE [ipad mini 3 ] is jailbroken

This video only for ios jailbroken device
But don’t worry non jailbroken user
giving away this WBID


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30 May

How to Hack injustice Gods Among Us Jailbreakstill work

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City-Fire Flies

Text Tutorial

1. Go to cydia and download GameGem
2. Go to injustice gods among us
3. Remember or write down how much coin you have
4. Go back to home screen open up GameGem and enter you coin in value
5. Go back to injustice and change your coin by upgrade or buy something
6. Go back to GameGem and enter the new coin that you change
7. After that you’ll see a little option at the third bottom box to your right and click on it
8. After you click on it, click on the square at the bottom left corner or select all the list on the screen
9. When you done with that click on the bottom of the right corner and it said enter the value
10. Enter how much you want and click modify. Al done.

-do not put the value of 99999999999
-do not pass 100,000,000

This could get u ban

Thank you for watching 😊

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10 Mar

Injustice GAU Update 3.2 Recap: Which Glitches Still Work? Plus New Content

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Playlist of all the current glitches: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7mXxevD6lqZPHwBoXWtVzBGc3ckiCTlj

Man of Steel team: https://youtu.be/uFaYhxPzY28
Playlist of new characters: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7mXxevD6lqYQ99NNRzP_-KXtdODEFruX

From a viewer who asks to remain nameless re: Breakthrough glitch:
“To those who are having trouble with breakthrough time zone glitch, instead of closing and reopening the app, just click online battle then back to main screen. Works like a charm”

From +Dragons952 re: free energy recharges:
“For IOS users: If the free energy button is grayed out; go to settings – privacy – advertising – turn off limited ad tracking – reset advertising identifier

“In privacy go to location services – system services – enable based alerts, apple ads, and suggestions

“Important note: You must disable VPN and any Adblocking applications if you have any installed. If the free energy button gets grayed out again, you must reset advertising identifier.

“For those on iOS who still can’t perform the free energy glitch after attempting the instructions I have put out; try performing a device restore and, reinstalling Injustice to see if the free energy button returns or not. ”

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Shawn Farrell, Daniel Simonson (Credited Supporter),
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