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03 Jul

Rewards glitch online Battle injustice 2 Maximum Rewards

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26 Jun

What’s in the box Creating chance mechanics and rewards

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Chance mechanics combine the random rewards of a slot machine with the passion behind collectibles. They’re used in many of the most successful free to play games, particularly in Japan where the technique is known as “Gacha.” While it takes an engaged player time and game play to complete an entire set of collectibles, the trick is to make it fun for them to do so.
Join this webinar to learn how to use PlayFab’s loot tables, bundles, and containers to build chance mechanics for your own game.

In this webinar you will
* Why chance mechanics are a great way to engage players and drive monetization.
* Best practices for implementing “Gacha” type game mechanics using PlayFab.
* How to use loot tables, bundles, and containers with PlayFab.
Best practices for integrating chance mechanics into your own game.

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22 Jun

Injustice gods among us |2.20 and 2.20.1| unlimited credits and unlimited online rewards

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Do exactly what I do and you’ll get free credits gears and online rewards

How to Hack Injustice 2 – Get Unlimited Gems And Credits In Injustice 2 on Android and IOS

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Injustice 2 is everything you’d expect from the game really. It’s a mobile-ified version of the superhero brawler, complete with shiny graphics and a super simplified control system. In this video, you will learn to hack injustice 2! That is correct, unlimited gems and credits!
This is available for both IOS and android devices. Computer too!

The only drawback to this awesome action fighting game is that we have to purchase gems and diamonds to unlock further item.

Though it is not possible to hack injustice 2 with lucky patcher, but there is a way to get unlimited gems and Credits in injustice 2 for free.

It is now time that I show you guys the real trick to receive hack injustice 2!
Free gems and credits are waiting for you!

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10 May

How to get big Rewards injustice 2 Arena battle..|injustice 2 mod iOS android

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Injustice 2 mobile game
# Arena_Rewards
Change Arena Rewards low to high easily with change characters then refresh manually… and then you see big Rewards play it.

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Injustice 2 Generator <- Here