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14 Sep

Injustice 2 How to level up any character really fast

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What’s up guys! It’s John from Scorpio Squad and today I have a tutorial on how to level up any character in injustice 2 without spending hours playing as that character! I hope you enjoyed the video and please like, subscribe, and comment what you want to see next!

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Hello guys .in this video i am going to show you how to install gta v flash mod 2.6 just released few weeks ago in gta v.
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Flash mod installation will start on 1:18
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Ctrl+N – Show mods menu

-Ctrl – Toggle walk mode (disable/enable the super speed)
-Hold E to show attack mode selection or press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to select one attack mode directly (numbers close to QWER keys)
-Press E to perform the attack
-Left mouse button – Normal melee attacks when not moving or Supersonic punch when moving
-Space – Jump (when moving)
-R – Disarm targeted ped, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the ped is close and in the desired area.
-F – Hijack vehicles, a text will appear in right bottom corner indicating when the vehicle is close and in the desired area, for helicopters and airplanes flying the distance is bigger.
-Hold aim to make a forced slow motion mode, you can use this to take pictures or make some cool clips like when throwing a lighting 🙂


Left stick – Run
Right stick – Camera control
Left trigger – High speed
Left trigger + right trigger – Hyper speed
A – Disarm peds
B – Melee attack
Right Shoulder – special attack
X – jump
Y – hijack vehicle
Left Shoulder – Switch special attack


-Super speed + slow motion (move keys pressed)
-Bigger super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed)
-Hyper auto increasing super speed + slow motion (move keys + shift pressed + aim)
-Slow motion when running can be deactivated in the mod menu
-Super jump, bigger speeds = bigger jumps
-Wall run, this feature don’t work in some windows because the game don’t respond to the raycasts :(, so, will work in big part of walls, but in some buildings may not work well
-Auto healing
-Walk over water
-Supersonic punch attack (bigger speed = bigger damage)
-Tornado attack
-“Heart Attack” attack
-Thrown Lightning attack
-Basic melee attacks
-Delayed light/blur FX that “follow” player char. when moving
-Rays that “follow” player when moving
-Hijack vehicles, for helicopters you can try to jump close then hold F
-Possibility to customize the FX/rays colors in the mod menu, the setting is saved in the actual Suit .ini file
-Possibility to spawn enemy/ally flash

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17 May

PS4 Save Wizard REALLY WORKS|MAX CreditsTokensCrystals|Injustice 2|PS4

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Canal dedicado exclusivamente a Gameplays de PS4,con todas las novedades al dia.

A video of me messing around for 2 mins in Injustice. Nothing worthwhile, just testing the quality, sounds, etc.

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20 Mar

Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition Unboxing(Not really….)

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I couldn’t wait for injustice 2-favorite fighting game franchise next to king of fighters and mortal kombat

People have gotten expired codes…..
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We unbox… err I mean unwrap the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 for the PS4 and everything it comes with it. Unfortunately it really isn’t much.

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