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14 Oct

Justice League Cyborg VS. Justice League Aquaman Injustice 2 Mobile 4.0.1 iOS/Android

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This is a little method I used to get my characters on this account because my phone is not rootable at this time. If you want me to do this method for you, just send me a message and I’ll try to get to you as quickly as possible.

As of patch 1.4, this method will no longer work and you will be greeted with a transaction could not be complete. I will try to find another method as soon as possible.

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21 May

justice hack How to Get justice hack Free 999999 Coins & Gems Android & iOS

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Hello fellas! Today i want to teach you how you use justice hack in order to get Free 999999 Coins & Gems and Unlimited Gold into your iOS or Android devices! This justice hack is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and it will add 999999 Coins & Gems right into your account!

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27 Apr

DC Legends Battle for Justice Hack Free Unlimited Gems Cheats 2020

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Fans of Batman, the Joker, Superman, Green Lantern, and other DC heroes are in for a treat. DC Legends is a turn-based RPG where you get to create a team of your favorite DC heroes and fight enemies and bosses in breathtaking battles. Everything about this game is designed to keep you glued to your mobile device for hours. Surprisingly, things get even better as you level up, so the more you play, the more you want to keep going.

Every battle grants you XP and resources you can spend on upgrading your heroes’ attacks, power levels, and of course, unlocking new heroes. The game includes all DC characters, and you can mix them up to create the most powerful team of three heroes. You have to combine their skills and experiment with different load-outs until you find the team that works the best. That can sometimes take too much time, especially if you don’t have the resources to spend on upgrading new heroes.

With our DC Legends Hack, you can cut that time substantially and generate all of the resources you need to unlock the most powerful attacks for every character. The online generator is very easy to set up, and you’re only a few minutes away from unlocking the most powerful DC legends in the game.

The DC Legends hack is just the nudge you need to get that extra something that will help you defeat the toughest of enemies. Of course, you will still have to show your skills in battle, but things will become much easier than before. Follow the instructions in the video and get your own DC Legends free unlimited gems supply at a touch of a button.

Upgrade all members in your team and your enemies won’t stand a chance in battle. So, don’t waste any more time thinking about how to hack DC legends. Navigate to our online generator and create an unstoppable justice force that will scare your enemies.

If you have some problems or need help, feel free to send an email to [email protected] or contact me through



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15 Apr

Injustice 2 PS4 Justice League Multiverse Simulated WWE Mayhem on second channel

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24 Nov


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In this video we cover the best, fastest way to get Justice League Cyborg Hero Shards during the Justice League Cyborg Invasion Event.

We cover that you do not have to play 3 characters to get matched up against Justice League Cyborg. You also do not even have to play the battle if you do not get Justice League Cyborg invasion. Lastly we cover that you much beat Justice League Cyborg and his entire team to receive Justice League Cyborg hero shards.

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In most videos I
– The Arkham Knight, Promotion level 10/X with fully evolved Promethium Longsword , Mutated Bone Spikes, & Custom Rifle – 50% critical hit chance, 250% critical hit damage, 77k damage, 168k health.
– Killer Frost, Promotion level 9/IX with fully evolved Fourth World Godly Chest Plate, Helmet, and Mace – 1% critical hit chance, 150% critical hit damage, 398k damage, 104k health.
– Raven, Promotion level 7/VII with fully eveolved LexCorp Chest Armor V2, Gauntlets V2, & Helmet V2 – 0% critical hit chance, 150% critical hit damage, 41k damage, 72k health.
Custom Rifle (The Arkham Knight)
Promethium Longsword (Deathstroke)
Powered Eskrima Sticks
Soultaker Sword
Flashpoint Deathstroke
Flashpoint Batman
Arkham Origins Batman
Killing Joke Joker
Regime Superman
Apokolips Darkseid
Mortal Kombat Scorpion
Containment Doomsday
Blackest Night Martian Manhunter
Rebirth Jessica Cruz
Ame-Comi Catwoman
600 Wonder Woman
Earth 2 Solomon Grundy
Martian Manhunter
Rebirth Raven
Justice League Wonder Woman
Red Lantern Hal Jordan
Elseworld The Flash
Regime Raven
Regime Aquaman
Blackest Night Batman
Luchador Bane
Containment Doomsday
Apokolips Darkseid
John Stewart Green Lantern
Blackest Night Hawkgirl
Mortal Kombat X Scorpion
Mortal Kombat Scorpion
Teen Titans Raven
Regime Killer Frost
Antimatter Sinestro
Godfall Superman
Boss Solomon Grundy
Kahndaq Black Adam


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