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22 Oct

Injustice 2 Everything You Need to Know | PS4

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Dive into the story, the new innovative gear system, and the huge variety of gameplay in Injustice 2.

Un nuevo recopilatorio con TODOS los ataques especiales de los 38 personajes de Injustice 2 (incluyendo los DLC). Aquí el orden en el que

– Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
– Hellboy
– Sub-Zero
– Raiden
– Batman
– Superman
– Wonder Woman
– Flash
– Aquaman
– Cyborg
– Green Lantern
– Supergirl
– Joker
– Harley Quinn
– Green Arrow
– Catwoman
– Atom
– Atrocitus
– Bane
– Robin/Nightwing
– Black Adam
– Black Canary
– Black Manta
– Blue Beetle
– Brainiac
– Captain Cold
– Cheetah
– Darkseid
– Deadshot
– Doctor Fate
– Enchantress
– Firestorm
– Poison Ivy
– Red Hood
– Scarecrow
– Starfire
– Swamp Thing
– Gorilla Grodd


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20 Jun

NEW Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Day 1 Edition Plus everything the new update includes

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I preordered Injustice 2 Legendary edition Day 1 edition from a store in the UK since it wasn’t being sold here in the US. This game is really fun and it’s coming March 30, which is when I’ll come out with an unboxing video for it, so stay tuned! In this video, I also discuss all the new things that came in the update they released today.


An unboxing video of the 99.99USD “Injustice 2 ULTIMATE EDITION” video game for PlayStation 4 as preordered off of amazon.com

9 DLC Characters (Release dates and character announcements coming in the future)
3 Character Skins
2 Character Customization Colors

This edition also includes a code to play as “Darkseid” before anybody else as a pre-order bonus

The Amazon pre-order bonus contains an art book/prequel comic

Check me out on

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25 May

Injustice 2 All Versions/Editions || PreOrder Skins/DLC Everything You Need To Know

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In this video we look as all the editions for Injustice 2 showing off all the details like the Standard Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and also Ultimate Edition has so much to offer like Reverse Flash, John Stewart and Powergirl for Injustice 2!

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