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16 Nov

Injustice 2 Unlimited League Credit Glitch after Update 3.2.1

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

New League Credit Glitch … After you activate the glitch you will be no longer seen your credits symbol😀

Buying 10 MILLION Power Credits/Coins Worth Of Injustice Packs – Opening Gods Among Us iOS Phone Video Game Challenge Packs – 2020

How To Get Unlimited Free Injustice Power Credits/Coins Without Hacks – Working Glitch 3/22/17 →

Opening 20 Million Credits/Coins Worth of Most Wanted Packs →

Opening 10 Million Credits/Coins Worth Of Gear Locker Packs →

In this video I open the below
Apokolips Darkseid
Most Wanted Packs
Gear Locker Packs
Arkham Packs

I do not open the below
Gold Packs
Gold Booster Packs
Silver Booster Packs
Bronze Booster Packs
Superman Man Of Steel Packs

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

08 Jul


Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

1. defeat the battles leading to the boss battles
2. buy the battles but do not fight them
3. go to setting- saved data management- saved data in system storage- upload to online storage- injustice 2 and choose the latest file it should say player settings upload it and press yes do not press apply to all
4. go back and fight the bosses
5. close the application when done
6. go back to settings- saved data management- saved data in online storage- download to system storage- choose injustice and download the file you saved from earlier
7. re-open injustice when you get on you will see that the boss is completed don’t get scared just close the application and repeat step 6
8 now open injustice and you should see the bosses have reset now fight them then close the application and repeat step 6 and 7.

CosmicRex is the founder of this glitch

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here