01 Jun

Tactical and Mechanical Tutorial Pt. 3 Injustice 2 Tutorial How to play Injustice 2

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That took a little longer than the two weeks I said in my last video. Sorry guys. Life happens. I’ll use this little description section to put timestamps for my video and links to outside sources, while I’m at it.

I’d like to note that since November 11th, my comment on Unblockable Bomb interactables at 17:05 is now incorrect. They are now blockable, but simply change the jump arc of your character if you decide to plant a bomb and vault. I recorded that section before the patch was announced. Sorry for the misinformation.

I’d like to apologise for the plethora of combo drops you see in here. I didn’t rehearse each character’s BnB before doing it. I just kinda winged it and sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. But this isn’t a combo video, so hopefully you guys can forgive me.

Forgive my terrible audio quality. I tried the best I could with the technology I have, and I think that I edited enough to where I could be understood. Hopefully it doesn’t detract from the guide.

And I also realised that I mixed up the words ‘hitbox’ and ‘hurtbox’
A hitbox is always active, and it surrounds your character. If your character’s hitbox is struck by an opponent’s hurtbox, you’ll take damage. A hurtbox is the area around your attack that must collide with an opponent’s hitbox in order for the hit to register.

Strategies 0:00
Tactics 5:42
Interactables 15:18
What’s Next? 19:28
Conclusion 24:02

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Thanks for watching, guys. Keep an eye out for my Batman Character Analysis video soon.

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here