22 Aug

Part 1 Injustice Mobile How to Beat Hackers

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First up, BJ|ACTb.

The fundamental hack is having Astro Harness equipped on all 3 team members.

Sure, having Flashpoint Aquaman at 60 X before his first MP season has finished is another obvious hack, but it’s something we’ll need to deal with eventually.

What makes this particular hacker team interesting is the
1) Astro Harness (x3) drags out the fight
2) Flashpoint teams destructive blows makes up for the potential damage lost in taking up a gear slot on each of them with Astro Harness
3) Flashpoint Aquaman’s team special reflect makes the normal tactic — high damage specials to bypass the Astro Harness’ invulnerabilities — less attractive.

And yet …

Doing splash damage on specials can still be an important strategy. And it illustrates even more clearly why Arkham Knight Batman is the single best card in the game.

Anyone with a high damage one hit sp1 can be an alternative to Batgirl (using the same load out), but Luchador Bane is the obvious and most effective switch. You could also have a high basic damage dealer instead of Injustice 2 Superman, but there aren’t many other options that offer the same tanking that his passive gives.

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