20 Mar

Mortal Kombat 11/Injustice 2 Endless Towers Krypt Items & Earn Koins *No Controller*

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here


**Very old video I made for Injustice 2 THAT WORKS FOR MK11!**

*Playstation method only *

To use on Xbox you must download auto hotkey and use windows to stream your xbox!

Thank you Reddit users Magicalmuffinman and honk3times for

this tool! We can use this to automatically playthough endless

mode and many others in the multiverse! It automatically clicks

X for you to advance you into the next match.



Auto Hotkey

This tool helps you to maximize characters levels over night without

you having to do anything on your controller.

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Outro AA VFX

Outro “Let the Battles Begin!” by GaMetal

Yes it free go to featu.re/ZERO
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Injustice 2 Generator <- Here