17 Aug

Injustice Mobile Arkham Knight Batgirl + Blackest Night Batman Duo Tactics

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A powerful team with a heavy Basic Attacker and a SP1 Nuke is all it’s needed to take down the wall of DoJ opponents. (More info below)

In this video, IGAU Battle 55 Last Fight has us to battle against a team with an exorbitant amount of health and damage. The bigger issue lies in the limitation where we are unable to use SP2 and Super. I share my team combination on how to defeat such opponents without breaking a sweat.

On another hand, having such a team is scalable for MP too. Having Elite X, Level 60 characters are always desirable but does not prove to be the best for MP since MP usually allocates opponents based on your team’s stats and that would mean increased difficulty. My team has been tested to defeat Epic Battles easily, and sometimes Ultimate Battles too. Best of all, it doesn’t cost too much power credits to build this team. So try it out!

1. Blackest Night Batman (Geared up for boosting basic attack damage)
2. Animated Harley Quinn (Geared up for boosting power increase)
3. Arkham Knight Batgirl (Geared up for boosting SP1 damage)

I use BN Batman as my main attacker to efficiently mow down the first opponent using 10K+ high damage Basic Attacks (which constantly increases due to his passive). When power allows, I’ll use his 100K+ triple-hit SP2.
Then I’ll switch to AK Batgirl, my secondary attacker to use her SP1 as a nuke to 1-Hit-KO the second opponent.
When needed, I’ll switch to Harley Quinn to use SP2 for Team Health Gain as well as to stall time and take damage from opponent’s special attacks.

Filmed on Samsung Galaxy S8+ using preloaded Game Tools to do 1080p screen record. Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, I’ll be willing to help!


Injustice 2 Generator <- Here