07 Mar

Injustice Mobile Android/iOS glitch Promote any character with credits.

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update 10/12/2021: with update 2.13, the unprecedented second pop-up (one for store, one for breakthrough) seems to be interfering, so it isn’t working. Probably worth checking again when the breakthrough pop-up disappears.

Blackest Night Doomsday, Metahuman Flash, Ares, Cassandra Batgirl, Dawn of Justice Batman, Shazam … all these characters cannot normally be promoted. This glitch changes that on Android. And according to commenters, also on iOS.

(XXXX Update 20/10/2021: working with JL WW challenge and Wonder Woman store pop-up
Update 27/6/2021: Ame-Comi Catwoman early access pack (EAP) is now interfering with this glitch. Keep watching this space [or subscribe] for updates on when the conditions are right. Thank goodness we posted this video yesterday and gave our subscribers a chance at this glitch! XXXX)

MP season rewards exclusives and pack exclusives are locked, meaning they *_normally_* cannot be promoted with credits.

The original method and video are here ( Normally, we wouldn’t film and post a brand new video the same day we reminded people that an older glitch is working again. But enough people were having problems that we decided to post something quickly.

If the original method works for you, don’t bother with this.

Key requirements to perform this

1) A current server-side pop-up that can take you directly into the store. In this video, it’s a pop-up for the Dawn of Justice Premium pack.

2) A current challenge with a splash page in the 1st slot on the main page. For the last few months, there was an early access pack (EAP) in the first slot. That’s was enough to intefere with this glitch.

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+Adam Nelson (and a number of other iOS users) says in the comments that it works on iOS. We can’t confirm this ourselves, so if you have questions about iOS, you should reply to his comment below.

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here