06 Aug

Injustice Mobile 25 Feb 2021 Weekly Recap of Events and Android Glitches

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From viewer @Tanmay Kakde
“Pertaining to the people resetting challenge and phantom zone on newer devices (Android only):-
“If clearing the data also deletes the obb files (the 2 files with size 1.57GB) from the Android folder, you can simply duplicate(create another copy of) the files to avoid a large re-download. Simply keep an extra copy of the files in the directory “Android/obb/com.wb.goog.injustice” some place else on your device.
“After clearing the data just restore those files manually to the folder using your file manager and then you don’t have to redownload huge data files every time.
“Same goes for airplane mode glitch. If restoring old save files makes you redownload the 1.57GB of data, just do the steps as listed above
“Yes it eats up extra space on your phone but it saves data charges or if on WiFi it saves time as copying back files manually barely takes 20 secs”

From viewer @Jonathan Yang about resetting the challenge for iOS
“Hey, I would like to report that it IS possible to reset the challenge in ios edition currently. Sign-out then delete the app. Redownload the app but before you open it manually change the date in settings. I don’t know how far back u need to change it but I changed it to November 22 2021 and it worked. Sign in again and open online battles. Start a match but don’t finish it. Switch the app off then reset time to normal. Reopen app. Can confirm it works, tried it literally just now (although it sucks that my internet is terrible and redownload took three hours).
Reply ”

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Last weekend’s Breakthrough eligible Zatanna / Flash / Solomon Grundy
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