28 Aug

Injustice Mobile | 2.20 Unlimited Credits Glitch PATCHED // IOS & Android

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Injustice Mobile | 2.20 Unlimited Credits Glitch! (WORKING) // IOS & Android | Alright guys so I found this awesome injustice mobile app glitch! Let me know if it worked for you and as always, thanks for watching!

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In this Injustice 2 Video, we talk about some great ways to obtain gems as a low level player, so you can help push for Level 20 Operations and Hero Chests as a free to play player.

My Android Account will be 100% Free to Play, and I’ve only spent Gems and purchases on my iOS account to educate people. And unlike GodIsAGamer, StarInSky, and LQ_Persona, my channel is 100% free of Hacks or exploits. Before Patch 1.3, I was 100% Free to Play, check my Playlists if you don’t believe me.

Make sure you get your Operations up to at least Level 11, so you start getting Gems, I have heard you can get Gems at higher level operations before Level 11, however, how awesome is it to get 100 Gems on a 24:59 Operation? It’s a lot less common now, but still possible.

We also open up a few Hero Chests and obtain a new Gold card! And get a Promotion for another.

A great way to get Gems early on is by doing SOLO battles in Arena, it will still count towards the achievement, and Arena Battle Milestones are one of the best way to obtain gems.

Arena is one of the best ways for a free to play player to obtain gems, and back in the day, it was easy to get in the top 100 for an easy 800 Gems a week. And figure the game has been launched in the Phillipines in Early February, so my account has a 3 month head start on everyone.

Try to avoid spending gems on recharges for Heroic Refills, save your gems for Challenges, and you can get Gems for getting new characters too, or promotions the first time.

And, you also get 30 Gems a Day from the Login bonuses, or 210 Gems a week. Always complete your Daily Objectives, and you can see some of the higher level rewards, like 900 Daily Missions, Level 60 Account, etc.

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Injustice 2 Generator <- Here