01 Jul

Injustice Mobile 1050 MP online w/ Rebirth Raven Injustice 2 Supes and Rebirth Jessica Cruz

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New year, new MP team.

No secret that with the unlocking of promotions up to E X and levels up to 60, we’re facing much tougher opponents in MP.

Rebirth Raven offers an interesting and unique counter with her power creep stats backed up by her passive.

Injustice 2 Supes and Jessica Cruz are max augmented in all stats, while Rebirth Raven is only max crit augmented.

Gears are shown at the beginning of the
Supes is geared for basic damage.
Jessica Cruz is geared to take advantage of her combo ender.
Raven is geared to be a specials specialist … but not to generate power.

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