28 Apr

Injustice Gods Among Us NEW Credit Glitch 2020 READ DESCRIPTION

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New Credit Glitch make millions like me, here is the steps If you find it confusing. Also forgot to say in the video you can also do this for nth metal I will show you guys if this video gets noticed.
1.) log into your main account (the account you do the glitch on) on both devices and stay logged in.
2.) on your first device, buy any pack you want and log out of your main account. Log into another
3.) on your second device, play any single battle so you gain money on top of your original amount.
4.) on your first device, log back in to your main account.

Glitch is done, now to resync your device
5.) on your first account, sell any card you got that you want to sell so you do more when you next do the glitch
6.) on your second device, log out of your main account
7.) on your first device, win a single match
8.) log back into your main account on your second device and everything should be there on both devices now.
9.) repeat

This glitch works for
1. Upgrading specials
2. Promoting with credits
3. Upgrading gears
4. Last laugh tickets
5. Gear slots
6. Energy

I will tell you guys how to do all these other ones but I need some likes and subs on this video, unless you figure out it the same glitch but you do it slightly differently.

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