02 May

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Where has HollywoodShono Been

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us Video, we explain some of the reasons HollywoodShono has not been playing Injustice Mobile lately.

As everyone knows, the game currently is in Repeat Mode, and hopefully an update is in the works much better than the Rebirth Update in Patch 2.12.

The real reasons are the massive amounts of overtime I’ve had this year, and playing Diablo 3 with my real life friends I’ve known over 20 years.

Rest assured, I do have my copy of Injustice 2 on both PS4 and Xbox One, and I look forward to playing all of you.

Breakthrough was also a horrible addition to the game, because you can only promote Gold cards three days a week, and 90% of the time, you cannot pick the card you want to promote, making the mode stupid.

I’m also waiting on them to drop the Arkham Pack so I have a reason to farm credits.

Survivor Mode should also have a 20 Hour Cooldown, so maybe, just maybe, for the people that stream or play at certain hours of the day, you can start Survivor at the same time, and not have to wait for the next day or do it later.

I am also going to be participating in the For Honor Closed Beta starting January 26th, on the 27th and 28th I plan on playing when I’m not working. On the 29th we have the Royal Rumble.

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