06 Aug

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Testing out Nightwing’s Brandished Ninjato

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Astro Harness, Tantu Totem, and Master’s Death Cart are three of the most annoying gear items in the game. I would really like to see Tantu Totem NOT generate ANY power on knockout, it’s a stupid mechanic that shouldn’t exist. I DO like the power return when you deal zero damage, for example, countering Injustice 2 Superman and shattering through Astro Harness.

Master’s Death Cart causes some stupid combo’s but combined with Tantu Totem makes Multiplayer downright boring and not fun to play, part of why I’m not streaming Multiplayer anymore and why I did not get Top 1% in Blackest Night The Flash, not because the card sucks, but because I don’t want to grind Multiplayer for 10 hours, and either deal with Metal cards, or that combo messing me up.

As far as the Brandished Ninjato, on Silver Nightwing OR Metal Nightwing, this gear item is really good. On New 52 Nightwing, the gear is not worth it.

This gear item is amazing for avoiding most area damage from people running LOA Knives on Batgirl, Luchador Bane, or other high Area damage opponents causing them to take between 10 and 30% damage instead of the full amount. It also gives you 40% more Health, making your character even more tanky. AoE damage as POWER is probably not what you’re going after.

REFLECT is a mechanic that also generates power even while blocking. But this gear item works on ALL attacks.

To fully max out this gear item, you need
392,000 Credits
332 Red Shards
540 Blue Shards
446 Green Shards
5 Purple Shards

Retarget 60%(1.5%/Rank)-90% of enemy AoE DAMAGE to wielder of this item with 50% DAMAGE absorb
20(1%/Rank)-40% MAX HEALTH increase
[Nightwing] Reflect 6(.5%/Rank)-16% DAMAGE
[EVOLVED] Give 150(15%/Rank)-300% of received AoE damage as POWER

We test out a few gear items with the Brandished Ninjato, and the two best defensive items are Killer Croc’s Companion Card Evolved, and the Batman Ninja Helmet. You are more than free to also run 2 Piece Lexcorp to give your Nightwing a way to heal, but I think these two gear items will save you much better against Special 2’s, Supermoves, and Unblockable attacks, than 2 Piece Lexcorp.

Also, Silver Nightwing becomes immune to all basic damage around 1.5 bars of power, which is around the same as Gingold Soda, however, reflecting damage is damage mitigation, including Specials, therefore better.

Nightwing clearly gains the most benefit from this item, but damage mitigation with his gear item can be replaced just fine with Gingold Soda, and if you are lacking certain options, 2 Piece Fourth World or 2 Piece Lexcorp is solid defensive gear.
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Injustice 2 Generator <- Here