21 Jul

Injustice Gods Among Us iOS How to Use Astro Harness

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we get in the top 5% and obtain the Astro Harness.

We start off by shattering gear in order to max it out right away. Make sure you shatter duplicate maxed out gear before unevolved gear as you will get a much bigger bonus.

On any Special Attack applies ELECTROC DOT dealing 5-10% of SP damage for 5 seconds.
On Lethal hit 50-75% chance to trigger Power Shield that will absorb damage up to 20-40% of Max Health
[EVOLVED] Invulnerability for 3-5 seconds at health 100%, 50% and 10%

Here are a few mechanics to pay attention to.

1) Red Lantern Hal Jordan will still take damage while “INVULNERABLE” he can still die if you do a special at the 10% Health Threshold, much like John Stewart Green Lantern’s passive.
2) If you run this gear on Injustice 2 Superman, it will NOT trigger Kryptonian Fortitude if you take a special.
3) You DO generate power while Invulnerable, so not only attack away, but take hits if it’s beneficial(Regime Cyborg, 600 Wonder Woman with other buffs)
4) The Ibistick is a MUCH better DOT gear item. You use this gear item defensively to counter God Smack, Arkham Assault, Winged Avenger, Black Ice, etc. However, 2 Piece Lexcorp/Scarecrow Mask is overall a much better defensive gear combination.

Overall, I am not impressed with this gear item. While a newer player without sets or The Ibistick will greatly benefit from this, there are much better choices overall.

Scarecrow Mask over Astro Harness because it reflects special Damage and helps compliment power generation against multiple hits.

The Ibistick over Astro Harness because the DOT damage is generally much lower. The Astro Harness CAN carry over to another opponent, unlike The Ibistick, however.

And gear items like Cloak of Destiny, LOA Knives, Enchantress Gear, are much more refined.

We did not test if you can become invulnerable again if you get above the thresholds, but I doubt it.

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