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Injustice 2 — Story Mode Longplay End Credits

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Injustice 2
Date May 16th, 2020
PlayStation 4

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Update 7 Mar 2020: Patched as of update 2.8.0 on Android


Update 15 Dec 2020:
Watch our updated video on this glitch

It came to our attention that people were losing character and support cards after using this glitch. We figured out what mistake they were making, so we filmed a new video explaining what they were doing wrong, and what you need to do to keep it from happening.

This is what can happen when you double


Update 11 Dec 2020:
Still working as of update 2.7.0.


The easiest one so far. No flipping, no lock/unlocking … just a few quick taps.

As demonstrated in the

You need to have some extra copies of cards to sell.

Go into the store.

Go to the “sell” page.

Pick the “Upgrades” tab.

Then in quick
1) tap the “Characters” tab
2) then tap the spot where the card you’re selling would be (if you were on the “Characters” page already)
3) then tap the “Upgrades” tab

Now take a look at the grayed out background behind the pop-up (of the character being sold).

Is it on the “Characters” page? If so, hit “cancel” and try again.

Is it back on the “Upgrades” page? If so, hit confirm to sell the character.

Your power credit total should go up. The number of copies of your extra character card should remain the same.

Use at your own risk. If you have a question, check out our FAQs here

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here