25 Aug

Injustice 2 PS4 Story Mode Chapters 13 and 1v1 against TheHackingFreak

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***** I want Brainiac, if this doesn’t take all night I’ll do requests after the story mode, also streaming on Twitch in 720/60 *****

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BShornock#1245 BShornock69/BShornock

In this Injustice Gods 2 Livestream, we show off some gameplay with the new cards I unlocked with $100 worth of Hero Shards. For Patch 1.3 tune in tomorrow.

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1) Oceangoose – $165.00

2) SuperStubbs – $100.00

3) a.bendavid – $30.00

4) $25.00

5) Dreggen_71: $20.00

6) Evelmirill – $25.00

7) $14.50

8) $11.00

9) AFellowbro – $10.00

9) In_ $10.00

10) Blue_ $7.00

11) $6.00

12) $5.00

13) $4.00

13) $4.00

14) Coolio851 $2.18

15) $1.30

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here