07 Sep

Injustice 2 Mobile || Unusual Gameplay Detected || KOA vs Black Manta || Rant

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So this happened yesterday. This video is my second attempt at Boss Black Manta. The first was in my opinion – flawless. Okay I’m joking, had a couple hiccups but better than this. Except I shouldn’t need THIS. Unusual gameplay detected. For all 3 of my pips! Apparently it’s not possible to have a decent pip and get the damage counted without using the newer Apokolips artifacts. Or maybe it’s just a server error, since I got the exact same error on regular raids against boss HSC.
Is it even possible for Netherealm Studios to release an update without causing mass confusion. And while they’re (probably) enjoying the weekend the players, the community is totally ignored. Their Support system is just going to tell me to “stop hacking” or “stop using hacking tools” But accept that the developers are at fault? Nope. Meanwhile in Champions Arena, hackers do 1000+ points while others are at 600 points. But that slips under the radar. Depending on how NRS decides to react to this mess, I will decide to quit the game. It’s been a great 3 years. But face it, the game never really came out of beta. Met a lot of people with this game and a few have become friends in my personal life too. So it’s just sad to quit now, but it’s time.

Años sin estar por aquí pero pues demostrando que aún hay hack en este juego. LA CUENTA MOSTRADA LA DARE EN EL SIGUIENTE VIDEO.


Injustice 2 Generator <- Here