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BvS Superman is one of two characters that are only acquired by spending real money. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is the other. Every other character can be earned by playing the game. To my knowledge you can use Special Offers on Harley Quinn and BvS Superman, so save your gems(900 for 4 Stars, 2700 for 5 Stars)
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In this Injustice 2 Video, we purchase the BvS Superman offer for $44.99, and show off the card to see if it’s worth it for new players.

BvS Superman’s passive starts off as a 5% Increase of Damage(11/16/22), and a 5% increase of Health (108/162/216). So it will be a 12.5% increase at 4 Stars, and a 15% increase at 5 Stars. I also assume the effects stack if you use two of the same card.

Prime Batman gives 10-20% Crit Chance to himself only, and Prime Wonder Woman gives 2-10% Attack to the Team, Predator Batman’s passive does not help anyone, and neither does Warrior Queen Wonder Woman, and Arkham Knight Batman does not affect these characters. So is the synergy worth it? Wonder Woman maybe, but Prime Bane gives huge bonuses to Critical Chance.

All Superman’s have the Super Block Special 2, and while they nerfed the reflect damage(Unless you level it up), the Block Value stays the same.

We also get our second 5 Star card, and honestly I think it’s a really good one. Although the 10 Hero Chests were very underwhelming.

Special 1- Charge Punch, a single hit Punch, unlike the 3 hit from Prime Superman that can set up a Reflect, this is a lot harder to predict

Special 3 – Justice – 3 Hit move, unsure if it affects multiple opponents, like Armored Superman.

Watch the entire battle to see BvS Superman in action, and some gameplay.

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here