28 Sep

Injustice 2 iOS Patch 1.7 Raiden Challenge and Tag Balancing

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Raiden is an easy challenge, but a decent card with a 4 Second Tag in. Raiden himself will generate power from his passive, but you can get up to 5.6 bars at 5 stars with Emerald Green Lantern at the start of the match. Combine with Doctor Fate and you have a pretty good team of all Magic Classes. Or add Sub Zero for the Mortal Kombat feeling.
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In this Injustice 2 Video, we talk about how bad of an update 1.7 is, just as content dry as Patch 1.6, although the damage was done in this update.

Also, why on earth would you release more Arena exclusive characters, when Dark Supergirl was so poorly received compared to Mythic Wonder Woman?

Also, we do the Raiden Challenge within this video since I was out of town on Tuesday. I waited to do the challenge until Raiden was at 3 Stars, so I could show off the Special 3, which actually does pretty good damage even at a low level, so I can’t wait to see it at 5 Stars when it does more damage.

Finally, we talk about Tag Balancing which was not mentioned in the Livestream. Tyler Landsdown, you have been put on notice on Twitter, and I will continue to troll you until you take me seriously and set up an interview.

Halloween Grab Bag is full of garbage, however the first Grab Bag was treated with a bonus chance to get Ace Green Arrow, which was probably removed because Netherrealm actually giving you free Gold cards won’t make them any money.

Finally, Don’t Buy Gear Resource Pack. If you somehow missed the video, you can look at it in the outro.

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