23 Aug

Injustice 2 iOS Patch 1.5 Silver Character Master Gear List

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Looking for a specific gear item? Watch the video for detailed locations for all 17 Silver cards(Not counting Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Amazon Wonder Woman) We will do all the Gold cards very soon.

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In this Injustice 2 Video, we show the locations for every Silver character in the game as of Patch 1.5 except Green Lantern who is an Arena Reward, Aquaman who is the Patch 1.5 Daily Achievement reward, and Amazon Wonder Woman who was the Patch 1.4 Daily Achievement reward.

The 17 Silver Characters we cover in
Black Canary
Green Arrow
Swamp Thing
The Joker
Doctor Fate
Gorilla Grodd
Harley Quinn
Wonder Woman
The Flash

There are twelve Gold characters you can get gear from in the Campaign, you cannot get gear for
Armored Superman(Basic Chests only)
Arkham Knight Batman(Achievement only)
BvS Superman(Money offer)
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn(Money offer)
Mythic Wonder Woman(Achievement or Previous Arena Reward in Patch 1.4 for 4 seasons, or Money offer))
Arena characters(Except Horrific Scarecrow IS available), Sonic Black Canary, Silver Green Lantern, and Predator Batman are Arena only, Captain Cold is not released yet
Challenge Characters(Warrior Queen Wonder Woman, Speedforce The Flash, Soulstealer Doctor Fate, Last Laugh The Joker, Sub Zero, Powered Supergirl

You guys saw the video on Flora Poison Ivy, Marksman Deadshot, Atlanean Armor Aquaman, and Unhinged Harley Quinn, we will add to that video the Gold card version in the near future.

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