03 Jul

Injustice 2 iOS Multiverse Green Arrow and Atlanean Armor Aquaman Synergy

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Finding yourself struggling to generate enough power with Atlanean Armor Aquaman, especially while using Arkham Knight Batman for extra Hazard damage, and not Doctor Fate? ALL Power Drains work with Multiverse Green Arrow, and convert a portion of the power drained to your own reserve, great for spamming Aquaman’s Special 2. It does work with Cyborg, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Raiden, etc.
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In this Injustice 2 Video, we show off the synergy that Multiverse Green Arrow has with Atlanean Armor Aquaman.

We test out two variants, one with Doctor Fate, and another with Arkham Knight Batman. Which do you think will do more damage over the same period of time? And can we obliterate 8-24 Heroic by just power draining?

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here