24 Aug

Injustice 2 iOS HollywoodShono’s Rant about the State of Injustice 2

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While it’s great that 400 more people will experience the Top 200 rewards, one of the problems with Arena is Elite I is too difficult to get for the free to play casual player needing over 3 million score. The game is too focused about spending money and less about having fun. The rant is months of built up frustration with the game going backwards and not forward.(Read more)
Patch 1.5=4 New characters, no new game modes
Patch 1.6=3 new characters, 2 Challenge Characters, 1 tied to the Arena, no new game modes, Arena gets messed up
Patch 1.7=3 new characters, 2 tied to the Arena, 1 Challenge character, no new game modes, Special Offers get murdered, where’s our Halloween Grab Bags?
Patch 1.8=4 New characters, 3 tied to the arena, 1 Challenge character, 1 pay to win, no new game modes, but we get a Justice League Ultimate Pack for $100 that I hope none of you were stupid enough to buy.
Patch 1.9 will probably NOT be leagues, the same crap.

I will not give Netherrealm another cent until I get my 360 Multiverse Green Arrow Fragments Netherrealm Support SSolace and Swan fail to rectify.

Inbox emails delete two weeks after going unclaimed. From November 17th-21st I got Elite IV. On the 10th I got Elite IV, on the 14th I didn’t play and ending on the 17th I got Competitor IV good for 100 Fragments. This is 820 Fragments and I only have 460. So, until Netherrealm does the right thing, they will not get another dime from me.
#Boycottinjustice2 #FireTylerLansDown I want these spammed in the Twitch Livestream next Thursday.
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In this Injustice 2 Video, we talk about the escalated issues with Arena. While yes, more people will be getting Top 200 rewards, the issue is with Elite I to Elite IV, which is a whopping 800 players.

The fix? Get rid of Challenger ranks and loosen up Elite I-Elite IV by 50%. Elite IV=Top 2%, Elite III=4%, Elite II=7%, Elite I=10%

Another good fix would be allowing us to choose the Arena we wish to be in, and not forced into an Arena away from Alliance members. For example, Jessica Cruz and Secrets do not compete against one another. Kinda obvious EK is on Netherrealm’s payroll.

Marvel Future Fight added a 13th chapter to the game, we have been on 8 Chapters since Update 1.3, Story mode is lame, no way to get a 5 Star Armored Superman because offers were nerfed in Update 1.7 into the ground.

What about paywall characters BvS Superman and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, the only two characters in the game you cannot obtain without spending money? These two are the worst characters in the game, outside of maybe Black Canary and Swamp Thing. You can fix Superman by giving him Justice League Synergy, that’s all you need to do. Harley Quinn however needs a complete overhaul. Both need their 8 second tag ins removed.

Description after work and a Gods of Rome Twitch Livestream. Sinestro is next then Killer Frost then Suicide Squad.

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