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Injustice 2 iOS Best 3 Man Team

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While you would think that flavor of the month, Mythic Wonder Woman is one of the best characters for end game progression, that is far from the truth. However, if you don’t have Predator Batman, Emerald Green Lantern, or either of these cards at least 5 Stars, try her out.

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In this Injustice 2 Video, we talk about the strongest 3 man team. There are a couple things to keep in mind.

Doctor Fate is serious value when he’s 4 Stars and beyond. Making specials cost 2 less is amazing, and changes how you play the game.

Horrific Scarecrow is also serious value when he’s 4 Stars and beyond. While making YOUR specials cost less is more valuable, there are situations where the damage reduction can win you the battle just as well, especially when you don’t rely on specials for damage.

Mythic Wonder Woman IS a very powerful card, when she knocks opponents out, she goes crazy, she is one of the best cards to use when solo farming Arena, but when she doesn’t knock someone out, she’s just another card with Block.

Emerald Green Lantern is a very powerful card because he’s the only card in the game that can generate extra power on tag-ins. While I wish the Sword wasen’t a horrible buff, Stunning your opponent or gaining up to 2 bars of power is very strong.

Predator Batman synergizes perfectly with Emerald Green Lantern, because you have a reason to tag frequently, and then Doctor Fate also reduces the cost of your Specials, meaning you will Stun Bomb more often. Arkham Knight Batman can do more damage with Hazard effects at the cost of no chip damage on tag in.

What if you don’t have any of these six cards?

Then things get complicated.

Primal Swamp Thing and Unbreakable Cyborg are two cards that can survive a Supermove and preserve your three star in a close battle.

Warrior Queen Wonder Woman can turn a knocked out ally into an Amazon which helps soak up some damage or deal some last minute damage to your opponent.

Unhinged Harley Quinn can also steal an opponent, and if they use a Supermove on it, that’s huge value.

Superman improves team Defense, which could help you stay alive easier, as can Armored Superman, as well as absorb one Special.

Flora Poison Ivy has a nasty Special 2 and a very fast attacker, a lot less clunky combo’s than The Flash.

Silver Cyborg can regenerate Health when tagged out, if the opponent does not spam Supermoves, you need to buff the hell out of this guy ASAP.

The Joker won’t preserve 3 stars, but his passive is one of the nastiest in the game, as it can stun someone for 9 seconds at 5 stars, enough time to obliterate them.

Soulstealer Doctor Fate can swap health with an opponent once. You can use this to take out tougher opponents or gain serious value.

Bane has amazing synergy with Silver Green Lantern and Black Canary and I can’t wait to see a team that can plow through Chapter 8 Heroic with these three.

Silver Green Lantern gives people a damage shield that cannot interrupt combo’s, at 5 Stars, it’s 25% of their health. Very brutal with a high health pool.

Scarecrow and Harambe can stop people from tagging out.

There are others, but these stand out.

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