03 Jul

Injustice 2 iOS 4 Star Justice League The Flash

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Justice League The Flash is one of those interesting cards that have synergy outside of their own class. If you use Speedforce The Flash and Silver Flash, you will have at minimum, 60% Fast Attack Chance if both are at 5 Stars and you have 2/5 of The Flash’s gear.
At minimum you should still be using Cyborg, though in Arena, this fun mechanic does not work over 150,000 Threat and you should stick to your Class synergy.
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In this Injustice 2 Video, we promote Justice League The Flash to 4 Stars. I am sorry that this video is 4 days late, because of the Holidays, I didn’t even get to Elite I as spending time with friends and family was way more important than mindlessly grinding Arena.

Justice League The Flash’s Passive is weird. You have to land a Fast Attack in order to increase your combo by 1 per rank. At 4 Stars, you will generate 4 Combo per hit. This does work on ALL Justice League characters, but the odds of it working on Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, BvS Superman, or Mythic Wonder Woman are almost zero, unless you geared Fast Attack Chance which I don’t recommend, Attack or Critical Hit Chance after 75% Defense will generally give you better results.

However, Speedforce The Flash’s passive does give 30% Fast Attack Chance at 5 Stars, but then you have to sacrifice Aquaman on the Justice League Team, which means your damage will suffer against high defense opponents. In Campaign and Raids, Defense is useless.

His other Specials do not affect multiple opponents. So if you have Mythic Wonder Woman, Justice League Aquaman, and Justice League Cyborg leveled up, The Flash is basically trash. Easily the worst Justice League character. Batman has Special protection, BvS Superman will gain extra stats with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Mythic generally does more damage.

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here