22 Apr

injustice 2 god mode iOS no jailbreak needed

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

Hey it’s mods and exploits with another video on how to get injustice 2 god mode on iOS and no jailbreak needed

1st go on safari and type
hit go and then when the page loads up hit install.Its going to bring you into settings and hit install.type your passcode is you have one then open tweak box tap apps then scroll down to hacked games then type in the search injustice 2 it then hit install. Click install again then. Once it’s done installing go to setting general hit

Device management click,click on china mobile click trust open the app

Enjoy the free hacks

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Literally just found out about this glitch and I’m disgusted. Heard it’s been around for a while and it explains so much honestly. Couldn’t wrap my head around how 2-3M roster threat guys could keep up with the big dogs in D1 and many others who gain points like crazy. I don’t even know if this works for the 8 point team but this is cancerous. People been playing unfairly while the ones who do play fair suffer the consequences. FIX CA because this legit killed the little fun CA ever had!

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here