09 Nov

Injustice 2 – All Characters GODS/DEMONS Shaders!!! NEW GEAR COLOR!!

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Injustice 2: Tournament vs Electrum Shaders

Injustice 2 Tournament vs Elecrum Shaders via the Dialogue Intro with Tournament and Electrum Shader Skins as of their release date 8/1/17. Video includes All Current Roster Characters along with Story Mode Unlock Brainiac and the Pre-Order Bonus Darkseid in their Tournament and Electrum Shaders. This is a video of Injustice 2 Dialogue Intros with Tournament and Electrum Shader Skins via All 31 Current Characters within the Roster at the time of its release. Video is intended to showcase (for better viewing) the Tournament and Electrum Shader Skins.

All Characters Dialogue by order of appearance:
(Video also includes Darkseid and Braniac)

Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing, Cyborg, Catwoman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Batman, Red Hood, Superman, Joker, Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Doctor Fate, Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Aquaman, Black Canary, Darkseid, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, Captain Cold, Robin, Scarecrow, Bane, Brainiac

Injustice 2: All Characters Super Moves

Injustice 2: All Premier Skins Super Moves

Injustice 2: Dialogue Intro with Premier Skins

Injustice 2: All Demon Shader Super Moves

Injustice 2: All God Shader Super Moves

Injustice 2: Dialogue Intro with God Shader Skins

Injustice 2: All Characters Super Moves including Red Hood

Injustice 2: All Characters Victory Poses

Injustice 2 is the super-powered sequel to the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us that allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters. Featuring a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, players can personalize iconic DC characters with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Additionally, for the first time, gamers can take control of how their characters look, fight and develop across a variety of game modes.

Injustice 2 expands on the previous title’s larger-than-life showdowns. With every match, players earn gear to equip, customize and level-up their favorite DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains that meaningfully impacts not only how they look, but also how they fight. Players can choose from the biggest DC roster ever offered in a fighting game, from classic fan favorites such as Batman, Superman, Supergirl, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, to astonishing new villains like Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd and Deadshot.

Video was recorded on the PlayStation 4 using the Elgato Game Capture HD

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