01 Jun

How To Install The Superman Mod In GTA 5 Pc / GTA 5 Pc Superman Mod

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In this video, I’m gonna show you how to install the superman mod in GTA 5 Pc

Follow my steps…

First, you need to download mod files & plugins from the below link.

Watch the full video without skipping (For successful mod installation)


1. Script Hook V

2. ScriptHookVDotNet

3. SupermanV2 by JulioNIB

4. Nb mod menu

5. Brightburn (character model)

Press Ctrl + N to see the menu and select a Superman powers option
R – will perform melee attacks (including mid-air melee attacks)
Press E to change attack mode
Press Space to Start flight, hold Space to go in supersonic speed, hold space to charge the flight and cause some havoc when flight starts.
Control flight with mouse
To reduce flight speed press S
To stop flight go close to the ground and press Space
Press Shift when holding W to increase sprint speed (Don’t hold shift)

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