02 Sep

How To Get The BLACK KYBER CRYSTAL at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

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FINAL You can NO LONGER do the Flashlight Trick at either Galaxy’s Edge location. Follow up video linked

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For some reason, people who are interested in the Black Kyber Crystal have been dubbed “Moof Milkers” by a YouTube channel out there. To join in on the fun we’ve created an “O.G. Moof Milker” T-Shirts, if you are interested! Either way, it’s all done in good fun, but if you are a proud Black Kyber Crystal fan, we made a shirt for you! Thanks for your support as always!

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NOT A Here’s how to give yourself the best shot at getting the BLACK KYBER CRYSTAL at Star Galaxy’s Edge! 100% works.

PLEASE TREAT THIS AS A SPOILER!! We recommend trying to find one by chance in order to preserve the magic.


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Injustice 2 Generator <- Here