27 Jan

How the Teenage Players of Habbo Hotel Turned to Financial Crime

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Habbo Hotel is an online multiplayer game aimed primarily at teenagers. The game allows you to explore rooms, chat with other players, and make your own creations. But most importantly, it allows you to trade. As Habbo’s monetisation model relies on the purchase of virtual coins, it is in Habbo’s interest to generate demand for their currency. And over the past 20 years, Habbo has meticulously crafted an ultra-consumerist environment to facilitate this demand. Well, they turn to crime.

00:00 Introduction
01:24 The Wild West
04:48 Scams and Cons
13:43 Corporate Corruption
19:16 Habbo’s Response to Financial Crime
33:50 Personal Note
46:37 Conclusion
49:08 End Credits

TRANSCRIPT (includes all sources and attributions including licencing information for Creative Commons works):

Slip – Geographer
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Dude – Patrick Patrikios
Body and Attitude – DJ Freedem
Cutting it Close – DJ Freedem
Life After Death – DJ Freedem
Soul Searching – Causmic
Luxery – Causmic
The High Line – Causmic
Much Higher – Causmic
Savior Search – DJ Freedem
Street Rhapsody – DJ Freedem
Two Face – Causmic
Scratch the Itch – Quincas Moreira
Sunrise Drive – South London HiFi
Brooklin – Quincas Moreira
Come Vibe with Me – Patrick Patrikios
Coupe – The Grand Affair
Trapped – Quincas Moreira

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