05 Jul

*HACKER EXPOSED* Injustice 2 How bad is Starinsky at Hacking and Injustice 2

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***** While I cannot stand hackers or Starinsky’s voice, obviously he IS doing a lot of good things on YouTube, this is not saying he sucks or fails at YouTube, unlike WBangcaHD, but why would you hack BvS Superman and NOT put Gear on him? DUH, that exposes you. *****

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In this Injustice 2 Video, start off by exposing StarinSky as a bad hacker, the ONLY way to obtain BvS Superman is to buy the $44.99 offer, AND forgot to put gear on it.

Also, why are you spamming Green Lantern’s Special 1 which is garbage? Do you have no idea how much better the Special 1 is?

Also, some failed information, Speedforce The Flash was ALSO available on Friday.

Second point of having no idea how to play the game, why are you using specials on the trash, and NOT using a Might Class on the Agility Trash characters?

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