08 Mar

Hack injustice 2 Android/IOS

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

1. A rooted android device
2. 12000 credits or higher

Your wbid account will get suspended if you play online with unlimited credits

This may seem like it will take awhile, but it actually takes 5 mins or less 🙂

Now let’s get

Step 1
Download gamekiller

Step 2
Close all recent apps
and open gamekiller

Step 3
Minimize app by hitting the back button
and you should see a floating icon on your screen

Step 4
Open up Injustice and wait till
you reach the main menu

Step 5
Open up gamekiller by selecting the
floating icon

Step 6
Enter your current amount credits,
just make sure you have 12000 credits
or higher

Step 7
Hit search, then select DWORD
and you should see a list filled
with the same numbers

Step 8
Go to the store and buy the cheapest booster pack,
open up gamekiller, select the number with your current amount of credits,
go to value, type in 999999999, after that select modify and lock, hit ok, minimize gamekiller
and go back to the main menu

Step 9
Select play and choose any battle you want (if you’re working on any battle just select that one) and boom you have unlimited credits

If you follow these steps correctly you now should be able get unlimited credits and buy everything you want in the store

Sorry if this video was laggy

I hoped this worked, enjoy!!! 🙂

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here