03 May

Godus Gems Generator 2015

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here

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Naturally, “gems” are available for real money, and can be converted into various other things, such as belief, which powers godly abilities. Gems can also buy wheat, or can be spent to instantly circumvent various timers; they can be used to build monuments, which offer a variety of bonuses. The most soul-sucking use of gems is the purchase of blind packs of stickers (blind as in you won’t know what you’re getting until you make the purchase), which in turn gradually unlock cards. Cards tend to introduce new things for which to wait. It goes around and around like this, leaving the player like Tantalus, ever reaching and never satisfied.

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Cash For Apps is an App on iOS or Android that lets you get points for installing apps and running them for 30-60 seconds. This app is very good for getting your first $10 because some of the early offers give upwards of 200 points. As you can see within the first 9 minutes of using the app I had well over 500 points.
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In this video, we talk about Cash For Apps. Make sure that if you install this app, you also turn notifications on for the app. It will help you keep track of your offers easier. I’ve found this app to be much friendlier for earning revenue compared to FreemyApps, AppZone, and Speedyco.in so I do recommend this.

As for Gift cards, there are lots of things to choose from
Google Play
Best Buy
Sony Playstation
Trion Defiance
Columbia Sportswear
Old Navy

Except for $5 iTunes, Google Play, and G2A, all offers are roughly 1500 points per $5, though offers go upwards of 4,500 points

To give you an idea of how much I collected casually using the app since I made this video at 2:07pm EST, at 1:23AM EST I am at 1,376 Credits.

Injustice 2 Generator <- Here