26 Jan

A Tale of Two Chomskys Cancel Culture vs. Neoliberal Hegemonic Soft Power

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Noam Chomsky has been writing about the lack of democracy under neoliberal hegemony for decades, which is why I was so surprised that he signed the recent Harper’s Letter. This video explores the nature of Neoliberal Hegemonic Soft Power, the Manufacturing of Consent, Neoliberal Institutions, and the ways in which Chomsky undermines his own life’s body of work by signing “The Letter,” and asks the what does “Cancel Culture” REALLY mean to those in power?




My Neoliberalism

Is Vietnam Socialist?


A Propaganda Model, from Manufacturing

Soft Power Dictatorships by Edward S.

Prerogatives of Power, by Noam

Noam Chomsky on Institutional

An Equilibrium of Forces, by

0:00 – Manufacturing Consent
08:17 – The Institution
15:25 – Independent Voices
20:12 – The Harper’s Letter
32:33 – Power Struggle
44:56 – Challenging Hegemony
56:18 – Credits

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